How to Block Someone on Twitch?

How to Block Someone on Twitch?

Is someone disturbing you on twitch? Block them. Most people don't like to use social media platforms because of these disturbing people. But, don't stop for them, just block them and proceed. Are you thinking of blocking someone in twitch? Here is exciting news!!!

Twitch has this amazing feature of blocking to make you safe from any kind of harmful effects. So, it is the same platform as other normal social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. are you thinking of blocking someone in twitch, but don't know how to do this? Don't worry!! We are always here with the proper solution.

First of all, let's have some idea about twitch. Twitch is the broadly used streaming platform for gamers that can let them have a little chat too. Sometimes people face an awkward situation while chatting with others. In this, situation, it is important to block them on twitch instantly. Most people are addicted to the game and don't know how to handle this situation. So here is a small solution for you:

Block in windows

To block someone in twitch on windows, first of all, you have to open which is their official website, and log in.

Now, open the channel you want to stream and click on the chat icon. You will find the chat icon on the right side of the screen. Now it's time to block, click on the username you want to block, and remember you have to use the username, not the mail address. After clicking, the profile will open up. Check the three dots on the bottom right of the screen and click them. Lastly, click on the Block option.

Block on android

To block someone in twitch from an android phone, first open up the app. Open the channel you want to scream and click the chat option. You will find this in the bottom-right of the screen. Now select the username you want to block and click it. Wait for a while to open a pop-up window. Then select the block user option. They will ask about confirmation, click the block icon, and finish the procedure.

Block on iOS

iOS users can block the person in the same way android users do. There is no charge for iOS users.

Having a disturbing chat partner is always harmful, so don't wait for more. Hurry up and maintain your safety. You have the right to keep yourself away from all those people. To have a safe journey, to have a safe screaming, you must block the person or users who are harmful to you!!! Just follow the steps.

If you find any difficulty, just restart the device and do the whole procedure again. We hope that it will help you to know about blocking in twitch. Twitch is one of the most leading apps for streaming and gaming. But besides gaming, you must consider your safety first. Social media sites cannot always be the safest ones.

You have to make it safe for you. So just block the disturbing person and enjoy the benefit with the best persons only. If you can't do the process by yourself, take help from others. One more thing, you must insert the right username on the clipboard or the place. Otherwise, it will block another person. The best way is to copy the users' name and paste it, so you can be safe always. Also, before blocking, open up the channel you want to scream wait for opening the pop-up window.