How to Change Reddit Username & Username Tips

How to Change Reddit Username & Username Tips

Reddit is a widely famous American social news aggregation, which is also known as a web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit is used to rate the web content and submitting a content link and media etc. the saddest part is that you can't change the username on Reddit staying at the account. You must need to open up a new account to change the username. Reddit community doesn't have many options to change your username without opening a new account. So first of all you have to open a new account to change your username.

Log out

To change the Reddit username, first of all, you have to log out from your current Reddit account. There is an option on the right side of the homepage that basically stands for all the important setting options of Reddit. There you will find the logout option. Press log out and you'll be back from the homepage of Reddit.

Sign in

After logging out now it is time to sign in to a new account. First of all, press the sign-in option. Now select a new mail and password for your new Reddit id. After inserting new mail and password, sign in to your new account.


Now you can change your username. For that, there will be a username option. You'll find it when you were signing in to a new account. First of all, think of a new username. It doesn't need to be similar to your name. Try to use numbers to make it uncommon. After inserting the username into the account, check if it is already taken or not. If yes, then rename the username to a new one.

You can use double letters in the name to make it uncommon. You can also use characters and symbols to make it special. After that, insert the username into the box. Reddit community will check if you have rightly done all the tasks. Then you are ready to use a new Reddit account with the new username. It is not possible to change the username in the current account. You must need to sign in again with a new email and password to use the account in a new username.

There are some techniques to make your username unique. These are...

Use a different name from your real name. It works 100% when you use any unique type of name as your username. It can be your favorite character in TV shows, or your favorite object, or anything.

Try to use double letters in the username. Such as, if your user name is Alisha, make it ALishaa to build up a unique username.

Try to use symbols to the username. It makes the username more unique and creative too. You can use @, $, *, _, symbols to make your username different from others. The Reddit community will not accept your username until you have made it unique. They don't allow using the Reddit account with the same username. So, you have to make it uncommon.