How to Change SoundCloud URL: The Complete Guide

How to Change SoundCloud URL: The Complete Guide

SoundCloud is the best platform to play songs and promote your audio. Most of the audio makers are attracted to it to advertise their tracks. People search here by the URL of the song. If you want to promote your audio in this competitive world, you have to use SoundCloud. it is the most used and trustable one. If your audio gets the high review and ratings by SoundCloud, you gonna rock in society.

What if you want to change? What if you want to modify the URL? If the requested URL was changed or taken by someone else, then you should make little changes to the name they want to get. You may think that it can't be changed!!! But don't think so. You can change the SoundCloud URL that you provided. Follow a few steps to change the URL.

To change the URL first you have to make sure that you got a proper net connection. Ensure that you have followed the steps serially.

Step 1: Entering

First of all, go to Soundcloud. You can visit this platform by the web browser you are using. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection to get access.

Step 2: Logging

After searching for SoundCloud, open the site and log into that. For logging in, you just need to use the email and password. If you forget the password, press forgets the password to use another alternative way to log in. you can save the information in the browser easily, so you don't have to use them again.

Step 3: Profile

Next, you have to tap on the profile icon to go to the further step. After that, you have to press the profile header option.

Step 4: editing

Then, you have to click the pencil icon and click on the edit button. You can change your URL address like that.

Changing the URL address is very important. If you don't change your URL address, people may not find you, or rather you may lose some information. If you don't like to use the previous username or URL, you have to change them for access. Otherwise, you may not use the app more.

If you fail to change the URL, try to repeat the procedure. You may need to restart the process to change the URL. For changes, you have to turn your wifi on and keep a healthy network always. Moreover, you have to follow the steps properly. Otherwise, you may face some problems regarding the procedure. Try to remember the logging information like email and password. Soundcloud is the platform to enjoy music and songs.

But if you want to change the username, or don't want to use the previous one again, you have to follow those steps right now!!!! Moreover, people can't access the sound cloud by using the wrong URL. So, try to change the URL if you want to. Now, another problem arises about the username. You may see that the platform is saying that the username has already been taken.

What to do now??? You can use many tricks here. Suchlike using alphabets double time, using a sign or other symbols, using punctuation marks, etc. try to create an uncommon and unique name for your profile. Here is a trick, you can write down the username or password and the URL copy in the note section of your phone. You may lock the note to get 100% privacy.