How to Loop SoundCloud (Simple Guide)

How to Loop SoundCloud (Simple Guide)

Do you enjoy listening to the same songs again and again? Well, sometimes we feel so angry when the song that we don't like plays in our headphones. Imagine you are going on a trip, listening to your most favorite songs without any interruption. Isn't it exciting? Yes, it is.

But do you know how to loop Soundcloud? Well, it seems so hard to do but that's not right. We have some simple solutions to refresh your mind with your favorite songs. Soundcloud is the best platform to listen to songs without any interruption. So, if you love to hear songs, you must use Soundcloud. But the process of looping the tracklist in SoundCloud is quite different from others.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that SoundCloud has no options for looping tracklists on mobile devices. If you use SoundCloud on your phone, you can select the song and hear that. You can't loop in SoundCloud from a mobile device. So, we are very sorry for that. We are hoping that SoundCloud authority will take future steps to create the option of looping in mobile.

If you use SoundCloud on a desktop, congratulations!!! You can use a simple method to loop in SoundCloud. Just a few steps and you are ready to loop SoundCloud tracks and enjoy repeating songs. Soundcloud has a system to repeat songs on a desktop. Yes, there are some steps to loop in SoundCloud on the desktop. Follow them and enjoy:

  1. First of all open the SoundCloud official website.
  2. Search for your favorite songs.
  3. There will be an option named playlist. You'll find a 3 parallel dot button under the homepage. Click it and add your favorite songs to the list.
  4. Now find a repeating icon that looks like a recycling mark. Click it and you're completely done with your looping.

Look!!! You just need a few steps to enjoy your favorite playlist, so here is nothing is about to worry about. Moreover, you may not always like to hear new songs. We always try to hear one song again and again and we love to do this every time. But, it is very disturbing to change the song every time. So, whenever you are on the desktop, open the SoundCloud app, and start listening to your favorite songs.

Moreover, here is a tip; you can customize your playlist anytime by adding or removing the songs from that. So, if you become addicted to any kind of new song, you can add them to albums. Besides, you can create different kinds of playlists suitable according to your mood. Soundcloud is the best option to hear the song without any interruption, but only desktop users can take advantage of the looping mode.

It is not a hard task to enjoy your favorite tracks on SoundCloud, don't panic more. Just follow the rules and you're ready to enjoy!!! It is the simplest guide for your enjoyment. Hearing your favorite songs in one is totally the best feeling in this world. So, no hesitation about this.

If you face any kind of problem, restart your device and open the website again. Don't press any other button. While clicking the button, you can see the name of the icon. You can add your favorite songs to the playlist later; moreover, you can hear one song repeatedly. And, you can take help from the SMM Service. So, do whatever you want!!!