How to Put Links in the Tumblr Description?

How to Put Links in the Tumblr Description?

Tumblr is an American social and microblogging website that can be used to upload short multimedia content. Most of the people don't know how you can use it in the right way, and some of them didn't even know what the options are there exactly. The common question about Tumblr is how to put links in the Tumblr description. Before starting the method let's discuss the importance.

First of all, sometimes we need to add links to our content. It helps to reach the content easily. Just one tap and you are ready to know more. But it is not that hard to add links in the description. Just a few steps and you can see the links have been added perfectly.

Step 1:

Edit theme page

The first and foremost work is to open the edit theme page. Can't find that? Don't worry!!!

After opening the website log in to that. Later search for the icons named "human" and "select your blog." You can easily find them in the right-hand column of the homepage of that website. After clicking, search for the "Edit appearance option" button and click that too. You will find the "Edit theme" option. Click that and proceed to step number two.

Step 2:

Now, it's time to add a description. After clicking on the "edit theme" option, you'll find a box named "Description." Remember, you are facing problems with adding links, but don't skip this part. People can't understand the blog if you don't write any description. It's not that hard, just add a line about the subject or title of your blog. Then add the link into the description box.

Here, you have remembered some important tricks to add the link perfectly. Don't ever add links without spacing. People sometimes add two or more links to the description box without using a single space. Therefore, the followers can't see the links perfectly. It can show errors sometimes too. So if you are about to add more than one link then make sure that you've put a space between them. After adding one link, press enters to make the link visible. It will help to find out the link easily.

People make another mistake, they forget about adding a description. If people don't get what is your blog about, then they won't see that. So, you have to put at least one line to the description before adding the link. It will help you to promote your blog well. Links are always an easy w3ay to know more about that certain thing. If you can add the link perfectly in the description, we will be benefitted highly. It is not that much hard, but you have to find out the things and options correctly. Also, there is no hard method to add a link in the description of Tumblr.

It is one of the easiest works to do on Tumblr. Just follow the steps and you can add the links. Before adding the links, check the link and copy that. After copying, paste that in the description box. Make sure that you have placed it under the description line. If you are about to add more, simply copy the link again and paste that. Ensure that you have checked the link before posting. Tap the link and see if that is alright or not. If not, remove that and add the new one again by copy and pasting.

After that post that and you are done with adding a link in the description.