How to Upload Multiple Videos & Photos on Instagram

How to Upload Multiple Videos & Photos on Instagram

Instagram is the most used app to watch unlimited videos and photos. It's a platform where you can easily search for different kinds of photos and can watch videos too.  People, who have an Instagram account, love to upload photos and videos there. The upload procedure is very simple. You just have to do simple things to upload photos.

You just have to open the app and tap to the upload icon which looks like a 'plus' sign. Then you can choose a photo, edit them and post it easily. But do you know that Instagram lets you upload more than one photo? Yes, you can easily upload those. Just do few steps to upload multiple photos and videos.

Open the app

If you want to upload anything on Instagram, the first and foremost step is to open the app. Tap on the app to open up. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection while opening the app. Poor internet connection may hamper your work.

Go to home page

When you tap on the Instagram app icon you will directly reach the homepage. On the homepage, y7ou will see various options suchlike uploading, profile, explore, etc. find the upload icon there.

Finding upload icon

You will find the upload icon in the middle of the homepage. It is situated on the lower buttons of the homepage. There will be a plus sign icon which means upload. Tap that icon to proceed to the next step.


After tapping the upload icon, you can upload photos or videos by selecting them. You'll see all the photos from your gallery. There will be an option that stands for uploading multiple photos or videos. It looks like '.' You just have to tap them and can choose various photos from your device. You can choose multiple videos too.

After choosing the photos that you want to post, you can crop them or edit them. There are so many cool features in Instagram by which you can edit your photos. After that, choose a cool caption for your photos and tap to post. Done!!!! Uploading multiple photos is done.

Uploading multiple photos and videos is not a big deal. You just have to follow the st3eps to upload them. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection. You can unselect an item too!!! Yes!!! If you want to deselect a photo, just tap on the tick mark and it will not be uploaded. Instagram also comes with a bunch of new features and filters. You can edit your photo anytime. Also, you can add a location in the Instagram post. Using Instagram is not a big deal. You can easily drive to so many features on Instagram.

Most people face a lot of problems while uploading multiple photos on Instagram. But it is very easy. Moreover, you can swipe the pictures to the left to make sure the upload has been done correctly. Also, try to keep your data connection on while uploading. Sometimes, wifi connection can be a big problem too. If you fail to upload multiple photos on Instagram, you can restart your phone. After restarting, start the whole process again.