How to View Deactivated Tumblr Posts?

How to View Deactivated Tumblr Posts?

Tumblr is an app that can be used to post multimedia content to people. You can post blogs to this. There are a lot of people who use this app to post their blogs. It's an important app to more about one's blog about a certain matter. But, people nowadays still don't know some of the exciting features of Tumblr.

Sometimes they face problems with logging in, out, deactivating, adding posts, etc. bit; there is always a solution for every problem. Moreover, you can know more exciting features of Tumblr by using it again and again. Today, this content will let you know how you can view deactivated Tumblr posts.

Isn't exciting? Yes, it is. Imagine losing your favorite thing and find it again. Well, finding deactivated posts is the same as this. It is always exciting to see the previous posts on a certain matter. Moreover, sometimes you may need to look up the previous deactivated posts. Sometimes, you may need to see some important information from a deactivated account. Are you one of them?

Are you tensed about how could find the post again? Well, then you are in the right place. Here, today we will elaborately describe how to view deactivated Tumblr posts. Viewing a deactivated Tumblr post is not that much hard. There are some alternative options to view the deactivated Tumblr posts whenever you want. First of all, check all the procedures and decide which one you're going to follow.

  1. The first method is using a time machine!!! Are you shocked? Well, the time machine hasn't been discovered yet, but Tumblr has an option like that. You can use this just like a time machine. What is a time machine? A time machine is a machine that can take us back to our past life. Tumblr has an option in the options bar named web archive. You can press it and see the deactivated Tumblr posts. You can use the internet archive, which is known as a way back machine. This machine work as a time machine, where a time machine can show us our previous life, way back machine is used to view our previous files.
  2. The second option is quite similar to the first one. First of all, open your browser and you'll find the deleted URL address there. Copy that post in the search bar, you can see the files or blogs again. Moreover, it is easy than the previous.

 So, these are some of the important steps to follow to view the deactivated Tumblr post. We know that sometimes you may need a post that is now deactivated. So, what will you do then? You will surely gonna cry. But don't worry!! There is a solution for this too. You can view any blog post on Tumblr anywhere. Just follow the previous step and you're good to go. Moreover, if you face any difficulty take help from others.

If you can't see the post after all the procedures, restart the device and start doing the process again. Keep in mind that, you can't do both. That means you've to choose only 1 to use to view the deactivated posts from Tumblr. Some people suggested that only searching is sufficient to view the post, but it is not right. You can only view the active account blog post by searching. But, you cant see the deactivated posts without using the previously described methods.  

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