I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram: How to Fix?

I Can’t Follow Users on Instagram: How to Fix?

Instagram is one of the best apps to follow each other online. It helps to build strong communication among people. Moreover, Instagram is the best platform to follow watch others know better about one. For example, if you follow someone's profile on Instagram, you can easily know what is she doing, where she's going, life updates, etc. also, followers are one kind of core function in Instagram.

For some certain reason, people face the problem of following on Instagram. Look for the reason first.

  1. So many business organizations try to post a lot on Instagram to advertise their business, Instagram doesn't let to post too much.
  2. Instagram has its own terms and condition. If you don't agree with their condition or do any violence, they can temporarily ban you from this.
  3. Instagram doesn't allow following more than 7000 people, so if you already follow the exact amount of people on Instagram, you can't follow more.
  4. Sometimes, Instagram faces internal problems regarding updates or anything else.

So these are some of the most common causes of this problem. Now if you face this problem, what would you do? Here is the solution for you:

Sign in again

One of the best solutions is logging out and sign in again. For this, first, go to the three parallel line icons. You'll find the icon on the right side of the homepage. Tap that and press the "log out" option. After logging out, do sign in again with your email and password. Hope that the problem would be solved.

Sign in from another device

Take another device and log out from the old device. Enter your email and pass the code on the new device. Hope that would be alright.


Sometimes, Instagram cannot perform well because of not updating regularly. Update that to get the fresh app. Go to the –play store and press the update option there.


For this, uninstall the app. first. Then install the app again. Hope this will solve your problem.

There some tips for your Instagram life. Never post any kind of violent or illegal post, otherwise, the Instagram community will ban you!!! You can follow people on Facebook too. Most importantly, check the internet connection to do all those things. Try to update the app every time. You can avoid automatic promotion to get rid of this problem. There are some limitations of action on Instagram. Don't ever cross the limit, it can be following number, post amount, etc. but don't forget to [post regularly, it will help to make your profile more actively.

If you find that, your account has been banned, do not try to act again. Remember, Instagram will temporarily ban you, not permanently, so, you don't have to panic more. Just wait for a while and you can do the actions again. Remember that Instagram won't let to follow more than 7000 people, if you already cross the limit, you can't do the actions again. No solution can help you in this situation. The function of following people on Instagram is such a cool feature, but you should agree and maintain all the terms and conditions. Sometimes it can't perform well because of low internet connection or updates.